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I'm currently a senior at MIT-WPU, Pune studying Product Design.

I'm passionate about designing empowering solutions for people and driving business value to organizations. My design philosophy is to create things that people desire, and financially viable, but by empowering people, rather than exploiting them.

I am inspired by human-centered design that has a impact, is beautiful, practical and scalable.

Some areas of design/tech that I am particularly fascinated by are Extended reality, Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Behavior design, Sustainability, Voice interfaces, and Gestural interfaces.

Tech Mahindra, UI/UX Design Intern

June 2021 - Sept 2021 (3 months)

Worked on multiple projects, including several apps and websites, and contributed towards user research, UX design, interface design, interaction design, visual design, and more.

Uprank Digital, UI/UX Design Intern

Feb 2021 - May 2021 - (3 months)

Worked on multiple projects, held responsibilities for UX design, interface design, interaction design, visual design and branding.

Bachelor of Design in Product Design, School of Design, MIT-WPU, Pune

2018 - 2022 (Expected)

Pursued courses in user research, design methods, prototyping, behavior design, service and business design, research projects, innovation projects, and many more.

Higher Secondary, DAV Centenary Public School, Jaipur


Other than core design work I'm interested in the fields of Behavioral Economics, Psychology, Marketing, Storytelling, Music, and Filmmaking and Entrepreneurship.

When I'm not designing I love to travel, watch movies, listen to music, read books, eat tasty food, and randomly surf the internet and read/watch stuff that fascinates me .

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