Designing a digital product to make the dine-in experiences at restaurant better and smoother

* Name, colors, styles and some information has been altered/removed as I was not allowed to disclose the actual product due to it being under confidentiality agreement.

Project type

Internship project, Solo, Shelved

My Responsibilities

User Research, Product+Market Research, Product strategy, Branding, UX design, UI+Interaction design


June 2021 (1 month)

Project Overview

The Goal

An scalable digital product that provides a better way to check-in, order and checkout and elevates the dining experience for people dining-in at restaurants/cafes/food-courts.

The Problem

Ordering at a dine-out restaurant is a slow and inefficient process. Waiting for a waiter to attend, unclear menu, a slow billing process makes for a jarring experience in an activity that's meant to be fun.

Prospective users

The needs of a Restaurant business

The pain-points of dining in a restaurant

Understanding the users

Research- Guests

Research- Restaurants

man wearing white dress shirt
four person earring on black wooden table

Tech-savvy people dining out in restaurants- Young adults, teens, Urban adults, Families

Restaurant Owner/Manager, Restaurant Employees, Chef

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Maximizing the orders served per unit of time, Minimizing the costs


Often confusing and incomplete menu, Menu not updated according to availability


Waiters might be intimidating-can't order as per own comfort, Customization in dishes not particularly effective


Uninformed wait-times for food, sometimes very long


Unavailability of most payment methods at restaurants (UPI, Netbanking, wallet, sometimes even card)


Smooth operations, well-managed, minimum errors, remove miscommunications


Delightful experience to ensure ustomer retention, increasing reach

Market Research

What existing products offer?














Conceptualizing a solution


Easy to explore and understand the menu

Minimizing the operational costs

Wait time reduced substantially

Easier to manage

Automated well-organized system

Much lesser scope of errors

Menu updated as per availability

Reduce human contact where user feels intrusive

Track wait time

Multiple digital payment options

Quicker, easier and intuitive process to make payment

Easily provide feedback/rating where it makes sense

Wireframing the experience


User Interface


The home page illustrates the offers, recent meals, restaurant recommendations, option to search, and major CTA to check-in, for users who are already in the restaurant

The search allows user to find any listed restaurant, or to explore new restaurants by searching for cuisines. Users can change location and use filters to view relevant results

Restaurant info page
Reserve seats

Restaurant page allows user to view info about it, menu, reviews and offers. The info page constitutes images of restaurant/food, location, summaries of ratings, wait-times, opening hours,etc, and options to call or share info wit someone. Its primary CTA is to ask user to reserve seats, and secondary CTA being check-in, for users who're already at the restaurant

This feature allows users to reserve seats by viewing a top-down map of the restaurant seating area, and choosing preferences and timings

My plate

The menu of the restaurant is updated to only show the dishes which are currently available at a time, and allows users to view the details like images, rating summary, quantity, wait time, etc for user to decide and add it to cart or not

This is the equivalent to the cart option in e-commerce products, but a little different. Taking into account how people order at restaurant, it keeps on listing the orders as people proceed with their meal and emphasises only on the active order at that time, and  not the already delivered ones

Track order + Feed

This feature allows user to track their ordered food, as to how long will it take,which gives a sense of certainty to users and makes their experience better. Meanwhile, when they're waiting, they may scroll through the feed to find out trivia about restaurants, dish user ordered, and watch the order being prepared live in kitchen, in selected  restaurants where they allow it

The checkout flow allows users to view their bill visually, as opposed to a text-chunky paper invoices (and many apps too), and gives billing summary and proceeds to payment after applying offers, if any

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