Designing an easy way to connect people with surplus food to those who need it right now, to end hunger


Project type

Solo Project, Conceptual case study

My Responsibilities

User Research, UX design, Branding, UI/Interaction design


Dec 2020 (10 days)

Project Overview

The Challenge

How might we design a scalable solution to reduce food wastage and food insecurity?

The Goal

A scalable solution to to let people giveaway extra food conveniently, and would nudge people to change their behavior to donate food regularly, which would reduce food wastage and food insecurity

The Problem

A large amount of food produced is wasted, while there are people who struggle to get food. Hunger is a logistics problem. There isn't a lack of food, rather an ineffective redistribution of excess food 

Why Hungerproject?

About 40 % of the food produced in India is wasted! We're talking perfectly edible, untouched food that goes directly to the landfill. Meanwhile, despite adequate food production, the UN has reported that about 190 million Indians remain undernourished.While many people in the world are hungry, one third of all food produced on an annual basis does not get consumed. As wasted food rots in landfills, it releases vast amounts of greenhouse gases. And when this is combined with the amount of energy it takes to produce, manufacture, transport and store this food, it contributes a staggering 3 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide to our planet. To put that in context, if food waste was a country, it would be the third-highest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world, after the US and China.


Why don't people giveaway the extra food?


There isn't a easy way to donate food. Either people have to go somewhere, or fetch people who need food. And amongst thier busy life, they just can't make it happen


People who donate food whenever possible, also fail to giveaway regularly, even if they have excess food, due to time, effort or other engagemnts


People hesitate to giveaway their leftover food, as they feel it's not good enough quality/quantity and in some way degrading to people they're donating to



People have no idea where exactly to donate food, and haven't ever actively tried to find.

Defining the requirements


Proposed Solution

In a tech-enabled world logistics issues are practically obsolete. An mobile application can work to bridge the gap connecting those with excess food to the people who need it the most. 

An end-to-end service could work to connect people with surplus food to those who need it right now, all while helping people understand and reduce their food waste and rewarding them through non-monetary means.

This is how the service would work: A person ends up with excess of food; they are reminded to donate food throughpowerful message; they list the food for donating on app by inputing the ammount and other info, and checking if it's good enough for donating; after confirmation, pickup person picks up the donated food from the user's place at scheuled time. This food would then be distributed among aldready mapped, and continously adding new recievers.

Wireframing the experience


Creating a Brand identity


User Interface


Menu constitutes of user profile, their reward pints earned, and options to view their donations, detailed info about points and rewards earned, blogs & articles, and support

Home screen constitutes of a greeting, earlier donations, and info/media about food waste, food insecurity, etc, and a card highlighting the people who donate food that day. All of these elements aim to nudge user towards donating food,and not waste it. Once user gets motivated to donate, primary CTA eases the process to start.

Food Details

On initiating the process of donating, users are asked to enter some basic info and a image to validate if the condition, quality and quantity is fair. This saves the user from embarrassment when food is being picked, and saves resources for the organisation

This is to enter the pickup location or point out easily on map to proceed for the pickup there

Donation Summary

After entering location, a summary of donation including all info and images is shown for user to confirm or change info if required

On confirmation, pickup person picks up the donated food from the user's place at scheduled time. It could be tracked live when pickup person will be arriving. This food would then be distributed among already mapped, and continuously adding new receivers.

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