Designing an online grocery store that orders itself, and makes grocery shopping seamless


Project type

Conceptual Project, Solo

My Responsibilities

User Research, Product strategy, UX design, Branding, UI/Interaction design


September 2021 (7 days)

Project Overview

The Brief

Design a grocery shopping application which differentiates itself in a crowded market by improving the UX to particularly make the task of ordering grocery exceptionally easy and seamless.

The Goal

A company wants to break into online grocery shopping market, and wants an USP that would improve user's experience radically in order to grab a significant portion of market and ensure fast adoption of product

How do people shop for grocery?


Buy weekly groceries and hen decide later what to cook according to that 


Thinks of cooking a particular dish, and buys groceries according to that



Mapping the user's journey

Understanding user's pain points


Proposed Solution

An mobile application to automatically ordering only the required items and ingredients, in appropriate amounts, based on the servings required, all based on recipe to prepare, with freedom of customisations.

Defining the user flow

Laying out the information architecture

Wireframing the experience

Search Recipes
Recipe page

User can just search for recipe they want to prepare, or just explore various recipes and compare based on different factors like estimate price, estimate time to cook, and average user ratings, to select a suitable one.

Selecting a recipe takes the user to the particular recipe page, which constitutes of various information about the recipe, such as quantity, level of difficulty of cooking, appliances required, recipe images, detail about the recipe, user reviews and CTA to view the complete recipe or to add the recipe ingredients to cart.


Adding recipe ingredients to the cart takes users forward to customize it according to their preferences and needs. Users can choose servings, consider add-ons with the recipe, or customize various actors of recipes according to o their preferences easily and intuitively.

After applying customizations, user is shown the whole list of items added to the cart for them to prepare the recipe, along with their respective prices and option to change quantities and viewing alternatives to the items.

After checking the list and customizing according to their needs, the user proceeds to checkout, where they add a delivery address, payment methods, coupons, reviews the bill, and proceeds to pay.

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